Beauty comes naturally

Herbs, Olive Trees and Saltwater

Sifnos is naturally stunning. Discover a dreamy East Mediterranean island, scented with herbs, olive trees and saltwater, on your yacht charter to Sifnos. The island’s blue-white backstreets look like a Greek-chic shoot from Vogue. The 75km coastline is deep navy meets amber sand, photogenic fishing boats colouring the scene. This vast island has a population of just 2,625 rendering it eco holiday heaven. A destination where you can drink from springs. And shoo lizards off Roman ruins.

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Your Guide to Sifnos

A Gold Mine

Sifnos is beautiful because it struck gold 2,500 years ago. Literally so. Gold mines riddle the austerely attractive landscape. Which is best witnessed along the Sifnos Trails: 50km of fragrant paths that skirt mountains, fishing villages, working farms and olive groves. Your hand-picked Y.CO guide will lead the way to charming villages. Like Kastro for rich history. Artemonas for almond-cinnamon-honey pastries. Apollonia for home-made ouzo. The nearby island of Mykonos is several centuries removed.

Rewarding Sailing

Sailing made Sifnos richer still. Centuries ago, islanders setting forth on a perilous voyage pledged to build a church on their safe return. The plan worked. Today 365 white-domed churches dot the island’s moonscape interior, like radar stations on Mars. Hike or bike among them. Indiana Jones would prefer Agios Andreas church. It was built atop an 8th-century BCE settlement, which is slowly being uncovered by archeologists out front.

Local Island Cuisine

Island cuisine? Richer still. Greece’s first cookbook author was Nikólaos Tselementes, a chef from Sifnos. Only-eat-here dishes include revithada, an overnight baked chickpea stew, best paired with octopus and snapper. Cooking classes revolve around Sifnos ingredients visible everywhere you explore: honey, thyme, damsons, melons, free-range eggs. 

Chalk White Cliffs

Think Sifnos is handsome? Try its laid-back big brother Milos. This volcanic island has Bombay Sapphire seas. Which indent chalk white cliffs with bays, coves and jump-right-in rocks. As Milos is high and dry, your Y.CO Charter Specialist will arrange ATV quad bikes to explore its lunar-beautiful interior. Green colonisers include olives, juniper, tamarisk and strawberry trees.