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30+ years of the finest yachts on the water

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Why Choose Winch Design

Why Choose Winch Design

Three Decades of Excellence

Winch Design is proud to have created some of the finest yachts on the water over the past thirty years and has been recognised within the industry many times. Recent yachts include unique motor yachts Here Comes the Sun, Plvs Vltra, the iconic Dilbar, the sleek and contemporary Madame Gu, the perfectly well balanced Equanimity, and the classically inspired Al Mirqab.

Why Choose Winch Design

Tailored to Every Need

There is a great freedom to designing yachts – often very large vessels with multiple decks, balconies and staircases to play with, from sailing yachts, designed to heal over, to motor yachts that speed fast through the seas. And every yacht WD design is tailored very specifically to an individual client’s needs. From a blank piece of paper to computer visualisations, selection of a shipyard, pre-engineering analysis, metalwork construction, interior construction, dressing the boat and, finally, completion, our primary consideration is always the client. How to create something liveable, personal and entirely bespoke? These are the questions that drive Winch Designs.