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There’s nowhere like the West Mediterranean. A starry constellation of superyacht hotspots, blissful beaches and island escapes. Charter a yacht for tranquility and embrace sun, sea, and sass.

Sun. Sea. Style. Make a splash.


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Your Guide to the West Mediterranean

The Epicentre of Yachting

The French Riviera, a 100km dazzle of yachting paradise boasts postcard-perfect ports. Picasso's museum, Chanel's influence, and Fitzgerald's tales define this coast. Welcome to daily wonder.

Your Guide to the West Mediterranean

A Checklist of Paradise

Corsica is like the French Riviera. 100 years ago. Expect 200 empty beaches. 20 mountain peaks. And two archipelagos (the Lavezzi Islands and the Sanguinaires Islands) which are coloured by lighthouses, kitesurfers and world-class scuba sites. Corsica is essentially a checklist of paradise. Dolphins. Vineyards. Lost-in-time villages. Edenic hiking trails. It’s the Western Mediterranean island with it all.

Your Guide to the West Mediterranean

Raise the Tempo

The Balearic Islands raise the tempo. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist will arrange VIP access to clubs that never sleep. Then conjure the ultimate come-downs on beaches like Playa de Ses Illetes, a twin-sided sandbar, where watermelon smoothies are served in coconut shells.

Best of all, the four Balearic Islands pack epic adventures into a tiny package. Wreck diving. Experimental dining. Tour de France cycle training. High speed go-karting. Yoga posing. UFO spotting. All within a 60-minute sail apart.

Your Guide to the West Mediterranean

Alluring Archipelagos

With 7,500km of coastline, Italy offers the biggest show in the Western Mediterranean. It boasts the two biggest islands (Sicily and Sardinia). Its most alluring archipelagos (the Aeolian Islands and the islands off the Amalfi Coast). And a mainland tailor-made for charter parties (say ciao to Portofino and Cinque Terre).

That’s the Western Mediterranean. Where every meal is a feast. Where every adventure is once-in-a-lifetime. Where there’s a Y.CO yacht waiting for you.




Europe's first café opened in Rome in 1645. The Western Mediterranean has been addicted ever since. In the South of France pavement cafés serve coffee black and short. In Spain café con leche is so rich it’s served as a dessert. Best Italian coffee? Try affogato al caffè. It’s an espresso dumped over ice cream.


In each Italian destination there’s an adventure for everyone. Spot nature on an ex-mafia prison island (on Asinara). Take a Roman holiday to a 2,000-year-old emperor’s resort (on Ponza). Dive a former NATO submarine base (in the Maddalena Islands). Ride up an active volcano on horseback (in Naples).

West Mediterranean Yacht Charter FAQs

What yachts can I charter in the West Mediterranean?

Yachting has two main seasons: summer (May to October) in the Mediterranean and winter (November to April) in the Caribbean, peaking at Christmas and New Year. Booking in the shoulder seasons offers crowd avoidance, flexible rates, and a wider selection.

Where in the West Mediterranean can I travel to on my yacht?

Say hello to the ultimate luxury yacht charter destination. The West Mediterranean is the perfect location for your next summer adventure. Explore the hidden coves of the Amalfi Coast, enjoy the glamorous lifestyle of the French Riviera, or relax on some of the world's best beaches in Corsica.

What activities do you recommend in the West Mediterranean?

Visit secret islands in Naples. Party at Balearic beach clubs. Cruise along the tranquil shores of Corsica. Travel around Italy's culinary coastlines. The list really is endless with Y.CO. Our exclusive itineraries will help you make memories to last a lifetime.

Why choose Y.CO for my West Mediterranean luxury yacht charter?

Yachting is our passion and we aim to bring you extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our West Mediterranean yacht charters provide uplifting moments and unparalleled access to the best yachting has to offer. Your dedicated Y.CO Charter Specialist will ensure your experience always remains smooth sailing.