Welcome to Europe's last wilderness. Just 600 miles from the North Pole, Svalbard is dominated by rugged mountains, mile-long glaciers and teeming with majestic wildlife, including the elusive polar bear.

Europe's Last Wilderness


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Your Guide to Svalbard


Sitting 78 Degrees North - only 800 miles from the North Pole - Svalbard, and its almost 3000 permanent residents, contains the Northernmost town on Earth, Longyearbyen.



After a short flight from Norway, you will be one of the most northerly 500 people on the planet, something you will be telling friends and family for years to come. After landing on this remote archipelago, you will be awe struck by your stunning surroundings, dominated by rugged mountains, mile-long glaciers and teeming with majestic and elusive wildlife.

Your Guide to Svalbard

Beyond the Horizon

Despite Svalbard’s remoteness, you are spoilt for choice with how you want to enjoy these perfect polar conditions. Tour the island by car and view the inner workings of the islands, visiting the research stations where scientists spend many long days. Kayak through untouched fjords surrounded by imposing bare mountains, breathing in the crisp and fresh polar air. Disembark in places which make you feel like you’re on the moon with its black beaches and open plains. One way to immerse in the culture is experience the ultimate Svalbard adventure - hop onto a Husky Dog Sled which will pull you across the Artic Desert, gliding over the plains in search of Svalbard’s countless ice caves hidden inside its gigantic glaciers.

Your Guide to Svalbard

Polar Experiences

If you are after a slightly slower pace, cruise around the maze of glinting glaciers and intimidating icebergs from the comfort of your yacht, taking in the silent scenery laid before you. Your guide will take you to the best spots in search of the mighty polar bear and, if you’re both attentive and lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the cunning artic fox – an animal rarely seen outside a David Attenborough documentary. Take advantage of the untouched scenery and go on an adventure as you take part on a summit ski climb up Trollsteinen, a mountain 850m above sea level which gifts you breath-taking panoramic views across this Artic paradise. Have your guide take you to pristine snow and ski without another person in sight, something you can’t get in Meribel.