Big Greek Family Adventure

Corfu to Zakynthos. A family adventure in the Ionian Islands. Explore 100's of islands that will leave even the youngest guests breathless for more.

Hundreds Of Islands To Explore

Welcome to the Ionian Islands where seven big Greek Islands shatter into scores of swim-ashore specks. Closer to Italy and Croatia than Athens, they have a culture, cuisine and class all of their own. Ionian Islands adventure is adrenaline-fuelled, laugh-a-minute, action-packed. Bike down a mountainside (on Kefalonia). Pilot a quad bike (on Corfu). Or snorkel with sea turtles (on Zakynthos). In the Ionian Islands your family will jog the Ancient Olympics ruins near Katakolon before following Odysseus’s trail to Ithaca and taking an underwater zoology lesson in the 135-square-kilometre Zakynthos Marine Park. 



Embark in Corfu for welcome cocktails. Your captain will position off Nissaki. This cute cove is a snorkel paradise. See rainbow wrasse, squirrelfish and astakos - a particularly tasty local lobster. Your first adventure? Pilot an ATV quad bike to lost-in-time villages like Agios Matheos. Cellphone signals are a century away.



Wake up and slip on shorts and bikinis. Because Antipaxos is like Polynesia. Swim to Vrika Beach. This snow-white swoosh curves around a topaz bay. You could be in Bora Bora. If not for one big difference. Antipaxos has no hotels, minimal infrastructure and only 20 full time residents. For sleeps, smoothies and family SUP safaris, you’ll require a yacht.



They call Lefkada ‘the Greek Caribbean’. Its 120km coastline is one long squiggle of sapphire sea, icing sugar sand and cobalt sky. Kitesurfing? Try Agios Ioannis Beach. Toy Olympics? On Mylos Beach. Paragliding with a GoPro? Float down to Kathisma Beach where your tender awaits. Tonight the kids will sleep for ten hours straight.



Another day. Another boat-only paradise. Meganisa has a 50km coastline with 10 blissful beaches. But only 1,000 residents and a single ATM. Choose between sunpads, siestas and stuffed calamari. Feeling refreshed? Follow your watersports team to Papanikolis. This submerged sea cave is uplit by eerie shards of sunlight. By glass-bottomed kayak or snorkel, it’s epic.



Take a history class on Ithaca. An island so beautiful that Greek hero Odysseus spent ten years sailing here. Take bikes and explore monasteries guarded by gekkos. Even the island’s olive trees remember the Roman Empire. Need to get back on board? Discard your wheels on Ithaca's 14 beaches. Your crew will greet you with tenders, towels and iced Acqua Panna.



Enjoy breakfast at anchor off Kefalonia. The biggest, tallest and most family-friendly Ionian Island. Tender to 36 beaches. Plant your flag on its 1,628m-peak. Bike downhill through a National Park. All before lunch. After lunch, take a horseback tour to villages where thyme honey and baklava pastries are produced. Bring some back to enjoy on board later.



Wake up in Katakolon Marina and smell the Greek coffee, which is served in tiny cups at stand-your-spoon-in strength. You’ll need this heart-pumping rocketfuel. Because this morning you’ll ride an SUV to ancient Olympia, where the Olympic Games were born in 776 BC. Lace up your Nikes for a jog through history. Then enjoy an Aqua Olympics tournament back on board.



Crew will wake you up with watermelon smoothies at daybreak, to make the first family footsteps on Shipwreck Beach, a golden crescent of sand, set against a brushstroke of cornflower blue. Want to dive deep? Sail on to the 135-square-kilometre Zakynthos Marine Park. Six tiny beaches form nesting sites for loggerhead sea turtles. Speedboats are prohibited. Leaving Eden to kayaks and Hobie Cats.