Greece Gone Wild

Skopolos to Koupanaries Beach. Cruise through Greece’s wildest archipelago. Private island picnics, seabob safaris and hundreds of deserted beaches.

Scattered Sporadically

The Sporades Islands are Greece’s wild childs. Imagine primary jungles set in deep indigo seas. Only four of these 24 islands are populated - unless you count Pelagos Island, an emerald jewel guarded by giant grouper, which is seasonally inhabited by a single monk. In Greek the Sporades means “scattered sporadically”. Meaning they’re impossible to navigate without a yacht. On this week long voyage you will explore the Sporades Islands by horseback and eBike. You’ll stroll blue and white backstreets where the only sound is the tick-tick of backgammon games. You’ll use eFoils and Waverunners to reach hundreds of deserted beaches. In short, the Sporades has Robinson Crusoe sands but few beach clubs. Ancient Greek wreck dives yet limited facilities. Cuisine that’s remained organic since time began. Virgin forests where you won’t see a soul. Our advice? Go wild.



Embark at Skopelos. And meet your crew over welcome cocktails on deck. Skopelos’s 70km coast is a natural wonder. eFoil or RIB to one of 18 sandy coves like Perivolou Beach. Swim back to your yacht for your first Greek feast. Like every dinner on board, it’s ready when you are.



Wake up and gaze at your own desert island. Skantzoura comprises eight-square-kilometres of cedar trees, olive groves and complete silence. Swim in like Robinson Crusoe. Snorkelling? It’s like a dream. Red coral hides 300 fish species. At sunset fire up the drone to spot migrating cetaceans including bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales.



This morning order a double espresso frappé. Adventure island Alonissos will leave your breathless. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange quad bike hire. Rev around the most remote Sporades Island. Afternoon on the beach? Alonissos has five Calippos-and-Clubs beaches. Plus 13 totally wild ones. Your crew make the latter come alive with hammocks, loungers and beach volley nets.

Steni Vala


Today moor at Steni Vala. This postcard-perfect natural harbour looks like a Norwegian fjord - with Greek tavernas alongside. Try fisherman-fresh lobster, foraged herbs and homemade lemonade. This afternoon your Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange a unique natural opportunity. Come face-to-face with baby Mediterranean monk seals, the rarest on earth, at Steni Vala’s rehabilitation centre.



This morning you will experience utter solitude. Because Pelagos Island is inhabited by a single monk. Start your day with sunrise yoga. Then SUP to translucent blue creeks, and snorkel with gilthead bream and octopi entirely unafraid of humankind. The only shadow here will be the one you make on the sandy seabed. Like most activities in the Sporades Islands, the purity of Pelagos is only accessible by yacht.



Wake up and dive in. Peristera is the beating heart of Greece’s National Marine Park. Even novice snorkelers can cavort among gorgonian gardens and giant grouper. The hot news? In 2021 Greece's first underwater scuba museum fully opened. At its core is a 5th-century BC shipwreck, complete with sunken amphorae and seabed timbers.



Wake up and saddle up. Skiathos has 200km of forested bike trails through juniper and strawberry trees. Country cafés will sustain your group with baklava pastries and ellinikos kaffés - no Nespresso pods here. This afternoon? Beach central. Skiathos has 60 sandy swooshes of incomparable allure. Like Lalaria Beach. It’s like the Seychelles teleported to the Aegean and is solely accessible by sea.

Koukounaries Beach


Disembark on Skiathos for one more day in heaven. Koukounaries is the island’s best beach. Icing sugar sand looks like it's been sifted by Zeus himself. Barefoot beach bars comprise the only civilisation in this protected forest zone. Hike, bike, waterski or jetski. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist has arranged your transfer to Skiathos Airport, a 20-minute drive away.