Indonesia is guarded by rhinos and tigers. Its 17,000 islands contain 1,500 bird species. While the archipelago’s six-million-square-kilometres of sea holds the scuba world record: 284 species seen on a single dive.

An unexplored paradise


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Indonesian yacht charter doesn’t get better than on Dunia Baru. A traditional Phinisi style yacht with a stunningly sophisticated interior, recently refit by the renowned design team behind Aman hotels, Dunia Baru at once provides an authentic and luxury environment from which to explore the exotic magic of Indonesia. There is nothing about the local area that the crew don’t know. Best dive spots? They’ll show you. Typical culinary flavours? You’ll be sure to enjoy them on board, perhaps around the sociable open kitchen on Dunia Baru’s deck. Interested in the local culture? Dunia Baru’s team know just where to take you thanks to their longstanding relationship with the local communities. Do something different. Charter Dunia Baru and open up a new world of yachting.

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Komodo Kingdom

Your Guide to Indonesia

Over 17,000 Idyllic Islands

Indonesia’s thousands of islands (Between 17,000 and 20,000) are a beguiling mix, intriguing, thrilling and worlds away from regular life. From the luxury spas of Bali to the rugged lands of the Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia remains a little-explored paradise.



Bali’s array of spas, beaches and Indo-Javan cuisine is simply unsurpassed. Discover its landscapes by hot air balloon, by mountain bike, on elephant back, or on a white water raft trip along the fast-flowing Telaga Waja River.

Your Guide to Indonesia

Culture. Adventure. Wildlife.

Laidback Lombok offers a vastly different experience. Its highest mountain, Rinjani, is cloaked in thick forest, and is sacred to many islanders’ animist faith. Not to be missed are the dive sites around the tiny offshore isles of Gili Trewangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Here, vast shoals of fish gather in shallow water. The coral is more colourful than the local spice market. The Nusa Tenggara islands is a seldom-visited archipelago teeming with exotic cultures and strange creatures. See sperm whales, blue whales and the komodo dragon.