Dream by day. Party by night.

Soft Sand Beaches

Ios boasts 21 sandy beaches. There’s one to suit every guest. The white sands of Kalamos are silken, soulful and best reached by SUP. Mylopotas beach means jetskis, caipirinhas and hand-in-the-air fun. Further only-by-boat beaches can be paddled between. With a cool box of sushi and San Pellegrino strapped to your kayak. Sunny? You bet. From May through September Ios receives a single centimetre of rain.  

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Your Guide to Ios

Cycladic Dreamscape

Hike Ios’s fragrant pathways for an Ancient Greek education. The white-washed village of Chora looks like Zeus has tossed a bowl of sugar cubes from heaven. Hike, bike or pilot a 50cc scooter to Skarkos. This Bronze Age excavation proves Ancient Greeks knew how to live: verandas and sea views were de rigueur 3,000 years ago. The remainder of Ios is calming and charming. Just 2,000 residents share 100-square-kilometres of open space.

Party or Chillout

Ios at its most tranquil? Try the island’s 723m peak at dusk. An absence of pollution makes for Kandinsky sunsets. Brushstrokes of orange, ochre, purple and pink tint the sky. Neighbouring islands Naxos and Santorini appear like whalebacks, as the Aegean glows midnight blue. When the sun goes down, the Ios party returns. Back on the beach campfires and DJs smoulder until dawn. Your Y.CO yacht can host the ultimate after-party.

Golden Aegean Beaches

Ios’s little sister Sikinos last partied in 490 BCE - when it celebrated the Battle of Marathon. The island hosts just 300 inhabitants scattered over 42-square-kilometres. Goats outnumber people. Donkeys outnumber cars. In Sikinos’s simple tavernas, gossip might revolve around a giant swordfish. Sail in to see Ancient Greece today.