Ancient Greece. Modern Classic

Athens to Athens. Circle around the Cyclades Islands. Discover seaside monasteries, sunken temples and breathtaking beaches.

Cyclades Style

The Cyclades appear as if styled by Vogue. Each one showcases the sunny Greek Island stereotype. Sugar cube houses. Onion domed churches. Blue taverna chairs. Scattered across 200,000 square kilometres of crystalline Aegean Sea. The name Cyclades means circle. This ring of islands allowed Ancient Greeks fast access to trade, build and relax. On Paros you can whiz between white-washed monasteries in a dune buggy. On Kea you can jetski to a temple out of Indiana Jones. Some, like Delos, host a census population of just 14. Others, like Nea Kameni, host nothing but lizards and goats. Wake up to a fresh sunrise over a Naxos vineyard. Laze for longer on the 21 beaches of Ios or to hit the hundreds of uninhabited islands in between. Y



Embark in Athens, where Y.CO brings history alive. Lace up your Nikes for a jog around the Panathenaic Stadium, built in 330 BC for the ancient Olympic Games. Want to taste history? Join our food tour to sample artisanal cheese and fish cured in fenugreek. It ends with welcome cocktails on the deck of your yacht.



Wake up in Kea, the Greek Island tourism forgot. Wave hello to its 2,500 residents on an eBike ride through organic vineyards. Then jump into Aegean waters with the clarity of vodka-tonic. Afternoon is toy time. Jetski to a temple out of Indiana Jones. Or inflate your trampoline next to a monastery by the sea.



Lights. Camera. Action! Today your crew will track your Syros adventures by drone. Undertake a foraging expedition to find edible flowers. Then take a horse trek between historic villages before trotting to a deserted Aegean beach for a swim. Your big adventure can be streamed on deck after dinner.



Today you’ll be richly rewarded. Because Sifnos sits on a gold mine. Ancient Greek gold helped pay for the 365 telegenic churches that sprinkle this Greek island’s interior. Hike between them on the Sifnos Trails, a 50km network of fragrant paths. Then enjoy a private dinner at anchor along a 75km coastline. Tranquil? Sifnos has under 3,000 residents. The only sound is the sea.



This morning apply sunscreen. Because on Ios, life’s a beach. Kayak between 21 sandy swooshes, like deserted Kalamos Beach. Your crew will strap on a cool bag of salad and San Pellegrino. Then take a jetski to buzzing Mylopotas Beach. Expect a hands-in-the-air fiesta of caipirinhas, bikinis and DJ sets. The afterparty is on board your yacht.



Today you’ll say hello to Santorini. The Cyclades star that Travel + Leisure Magazine named the most beautiful island in the world. Flee crowds on horseback or 4x4 quad bike, to reach wineries and ancient ruins. The ultimate escape? A 15-minute sunset swim from Santorini to Nea Kameni. This volcanic island is uninhabited. And a fine place to enjoy a Greek tasting menu courtesy of your onboard chef.



This morning you will swim like a mermaid. Because the lonely island of Amorgos is Greece’s freediving go-to. After learning yogic breathing exercises on deck, dive deep with sea turtles. Freedive movie The Big Blue was shot in these warm cerulean seas, where visibility tops 30m. Your crew can screen it on deck after dinner. With cushions, popcorn and bottles of Mythos beer.



Naxos is the largest, tallest and greenest island in the Cyclades. Its temples, distilleries and archeological ruins are best seen by dune buggy or 50cc scooter. At an altitude of 1,000m, Naxos also catches the breeze. After lunch your crew will unpack windsurfs at Mikri Vigla Beach. This evening those empty white sands will be used for your own pirate picnic.



Today you’ll sail back in time to Paros. White-washed monasteries guard ancient libraries. The 6th-century church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani was used by Byzantines and Venetians for prayer. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange a history guide and secure access to all. History overload? Write your own story on 100 uninhabited islands within a 60-minute cruise from Paros.



This morning you'll witness a miracle. Tinos hosts the holiest shrines in Greece, which have been attracting pilgrims for centuries. Make your own pilgrimage to Rochari Beach, which melts into a deep Greek blue. Sunny? You bet. Tinos records less than 1cm of rainfall from June through August.



Today you’ll see two completely different islands in one day. Row in silence to Delos, which has been a holy sanctuary for 1,000 years. The population of 14 residents guard antique theatres, Doric temples and a Minoan fountain. Next door Mykonos is the Cyclades wild child. Here clubs like Jackie O’s rock like the Star Wars cantina. Your final night fiesta only stops when you do.



This morning you’ll disembark at Athens for a truly historical treat. View the ancient Parthenon from inside the futuristic Acropolis Museum. Then hit Museum Mile - by SUV, bike or on foot. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange exclusive access to Ancient Greece’s greatest hits. History just can’t wait.