Eruption of colour

Santorini's Blue and White

The star of the Cyclades is cover-shoot beautiful. Santorini’s blue and white palette sings like a Matisse portrait. Travel + Leisure Magazine voted it the most beautiful island in the world. By quad bike, horseback, scooter or speedboat, Santorini is simply stunning.

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Sublime Sunsets

At sunset Santorini changes colour again. Evening skies ignite a slow firework of violet and magenta. Which colours café terraces, gelato stores and the cable car that winds up to Santorini’s cute capital. Instagram filters are redundant in the Aegean. Santorini’s beauty secret? Volcanoes. Because in 1,600 BCE a cataclysmic eruption sank half of Santorini. The remaining half moon of island welcomes Y.CO yachts today.

Eruption of Colour

Volcanoes fuel micro-wineries like Gaia, where indigenous Assyrtiko grapes produce syrupy white wines. They fuel tomatoes so sweet they taste like bonbons, an ingredient best sampled on a cooking class. Volcanoes also flattened Akrotiri - 'the Greek Pompeii' - where frescoes show ancient boats in Santorini Bay. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist will source a local guide to bring history alive.

Hilltops And Islands

Volcanoes colour every beach too. Red Beach is a martian moonscape set against topaz snorkel shallows. White Beach is purer than snow and will tan any guest not wearing SPF 50. Perissa Beach promises black sand, green tamarisks and windsurfs of every shade. As Santorini has over 20 beaches to choose from, there’s always room for towables, inflatables, free diving and cliff jumping. No need to fret about clouds. From May through August, there's never less than 12 hours of sunshine on Santorini per day.