Where history lives

History’s Shadow

Athens lives in history’s shadow. Quite literally, as Acropolis Hill overlooks every fashion pop-up and pavement café. Yet the city’s soul belongs in the future. Whether you tour Athens by rollerblade by day, or take an eBike ride in the warm night air, one phrase rings true. Welcome to civilisation.  

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Awe-inspiring Experiences

Y.CO makes history come alive. Bring your Nikes for a 7.30am jog at the Panathenaic Stadium, built in 330 BCE for the ancient Olympic Games. Join our food tour to taste baklava, artisanal cheese and fish cured in fenugreek. The key sights on Museum Mile? Your Y.CO Charter Specialist will arrange skip-the-queue access on a personalised tour. History just can’t wait

Living Museum

Athens is the birthplace of drama. In the heat of the night, Greece’s capital lives outside. Lovers kiss. Neighbours shout. Scooters zip like wasps past millennia-old mansions. Soak up the atmosphere in an ouzeria, a traditional Athenian spirits bar. Or throw shapes at Skullbar, a nightclub that never truly shuts its doors. Athens has barely slept for 3,000 years.

Urban Energy. Islands Magic.

Your charter yacht promises the ultimate comedown. A 60-minute sail from Athens sit the alluring Greek Islands of Aegina and Poros. Aegina combines classic Greek temples with barefoot beach bars. Poros is so sunny that it’s famed for citrus orchards and an outdoor cinema. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange movie tickets. Or your captain can recreate Ancient Greece on deck. With retsina, souvlaki and a screening of Troy.