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A Tiny Island With a Big Secret

Antipaxos is the tiny island with a big secret. It’s laced with snow-white sand and lapped by turquoise seas. Pretty? It’s the closest thing to Polynesia. It’s even claimed that Poseidon, God of the Sea, created Antipaxos for his own pleasure. That makes it mythically beautiful. End of story.

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A Myriad Of Blues

Don’t visit Antipaxos without a boat. Because this 4km island has nothing aside from three vineyards, a herd of goats and 20 full time residents. Infrastructure is unnecessary. When islanders travel, they take a water taxi or ride a donkey. Hotels? Don’t be silly. When daytrippers return home, the sole guests sojourning on Antipaxos are those with a private yacht.

Unique. Unblemished. Unbelievable.

Beaches? Prepare to be shocked. Vrika Beach and Voutoumi Beach are like sandy supermodels. Endlessly long and skinny, with nothing to do all day but pose. Come sunset both are deserted. For beach Olympics and beer-in-hand stargazing, they are heaven-sent.