History on a plate

Seafood and Sunshine

Rhodes has welcomed sailors with seafood and sunshine for 3,000 years. The UNESCO-protected harbour is medley of Greek, Ottoman and Italianate façades. Join 100 nationalities for ouzo and olives inside the ancient city walls. Or tender to sand-in-the-toes clubs that rock until dawn. Beaches? Find 42 dotted along Rhodes’ 220km coastline. Hot? From June through August, there's a 98% chance of sunshine.

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Enjoy At Your Leisure

Rhodes’ fragrant island interior reads like history’s greatest hits. Ride quad bikes to palaces and temples left by Persians and Greeks. Need a refresh? Try Kallithea Springs. A mineral-rich thermal resort shaded by purple bougainvillea, which bubbles into a crystal clear bay. The spa has been in use since the time of Alexander the Great.

Heaven, Made Real

Symi Island is Rhodes’ little sister. Its 85km coastline is custom-made for superyachts. Imagine silver slices of sand. Each one with a tiny beach bar selling bottles of Mythos beer. Inland Symi has five taxis and no airport. Adventure is yours to discover. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist has arranged 100cc scooters to explore the island’s moonscape interior. The historic highlight is Panormitis Monastery, a finely frescoed temple overlooking the Aegean Sea. Prefer the buzz of Rhodes or Turkey? That’s a 60-minute sail away.

An Ancient Wonder

The Datca Peninsula is a delicate finger of Turkish land that beckons to the Greek Islands. Greeks believe that Zeus created this 80km-long strip of shore. It remains a playground of the Gods, bejeweled with only-by-boat beaches and hide-a-yacht creeks. Tarmac roads only arrived in the 1990s. Turtles are more common than 5G cellphone signals. Hang-a-hammock villages like Orhaniye, Selimiye and Bozburun lay in wait to serve watermelon slushies and grilled squid. It’s heaven, made real.