Flavours Of Greece

Athens to Athens. Cruise from Greece’s culinary capital to its foodie fabulous islands. Indulge in vineyards, cooking classes and seafood snorkels enroute.

A Culinary Experience

How did Zeus create the Saronic Islands? Our guess is he threw pistachios, grape seeds and lemon pips into Greece’s most splendid gulf. The result is foodie heaven. An archipelago of tiny tavernas overlooking cyan seas. With scores of desert islands populated only by butterflies and olive trees. Sail in hungry and stroll through citrus orchards (on Poros). Ride 125cc scooters to Ancient Greek vineyards (at Tolo). And take an eBike food tour with a loukoumades cinnamon doughnut in one hand (in Athens). The Saronic Islands have one epic bonus. They are close enough to kitesurf, kneeboard or kayak between. For breakfast you can forage figs from Dokos Island, which has a population of just 18. Lunch can be a cooking class in a timeless Spetses restaurant. 



Arrive at Athens airport and proceed directly to your yacht in Athens Marina. This afternoon we’ve arranged a food tour by eBike or on foot. Sample artisanal cheese and fish cured in fenugreek. Then soak up the atmosphere in an ouzeria, a timeless Athenian spirits bar. Dinner is served at sunset as your yacht cruises into the Aegean Sea. This week’s menu is yours to decide.



Wake to lemon blossom. On sun-kissed Poros, 30,000 citrus trees form a fragrant arena for bike races and limoncello classes. Pick one for your G&T on deck. The best swim spot? Love Bay. Jade green seas flow below pine forests, offering scented shade to kayakers below. Best movie spot? Poros is so hot it has an al fresco cinema. As does your yacht.



Today you’ll taste Greece au naturel. Foodies can forage for samphire. Snorkel for seafood. And sink Greek microbrewery beers in the Venetian mansions that surround the port. Other Hydra adventures are 100% organic. Tour art galleries on two feet. Reach olive orchards on two wheels. Or take a midnight SUP safari with our Stargazing app. Hydra is heaven-sent.



Say kalimera to Spetses, the chic Greek Saronic island, where wealthy Athenians have sailed in for lunch for 2,500 years. Ride your tender to port. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist can book a century-old taverna that sources sea urchins and makes fish roe dip. Siesta? Spetses has zero cars so tranquility is assured. Swim? Jump overboard at Xylokeriza Beach. This only-by-boat beach is as difficult to reach as it is to spell.



This morning you’ll stroll through Nafplio. And culinary history itself. Vine-choked streets share dishes inspired by every regional power: Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman. Dinner on board is a masterclass in meze - tiny Greek sharing plates. Kalamarakia fried squid, melitzanosalata aubergine caviar, gavros marinated fish. Togas are optional.



Tender into Tolo. Its tavernas have wowed foodies since Homer wrote about the seaside town in the Iliad. Rev a 125cc scooter to Ancient Nemea. These barely accessible ruins, set in bucolic vineyards, are off the tourist radar. Park your wheels at an organic winery. Or race back to Tolo Beach for the swim across to Romvi Island. A deserted speck that only sea turtles and fishermen frequent.

Porto Heli


Wake up in the 1980s. Because Porto Heli is like Positano decades ago. Street markets sell watermelons and prickly pears. Which are crushed into cocktails at Nikki Beach and the Aman Resort. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist can book lunch at both. This afternoon take a jetski to Triantafyllou Beach. There’s nothing here except pine trees and transparent seas. Naturally, this beach is utterly inaccessible by road.



Rise and shine in flavour central. In Hermioni fishing boats moor alongside tavernas, which serve seafood quayside under lemon trees. Feeling athletic? Bike through vineyards. Sprint to the lighthouse. Swim to the snorkel-with-sealife island of Dokos, which has a population of just 18. You’ve earnt that hot stone massage back on board.



Arrive in Aegina hungry. Because humankind has been eating up this awesome Greek Island for 5,000 years. Hike to the Temple of Aphaea, a petite-Parthenon where 28 marble columns are protected by butterflies. Pick pistachios and carob pods on the way down. Thirsty? Ask your chef to mix a Greek Mojito (with Metaxa and mint) or a Santorini Sunrise (ouzo and crushed grapefruit) on deck.



Disembark at Athens for a bite-sized history lesson. Head to Acropolis Hill, while snacking on Greek street eats like loukoumades cinnamon doughnut balls and spanakopita spinach pastries. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist will arrange exclusive access to the Parthenon and Acropolis Museum. The views over Athens look good enough to eat.