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No one truly has a favorite Greek Island; all 6,000 are unique. Mykonos, the wild child, blends vibrant nightlife with vodka-tonic shallows. Delos, with a population of 14, is just a five-minute sail away. Enjoyed both? 5,998 more Greek Islands await.

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Sometimes it seems like Zeus has sipped too much ouzo. Like on Lefkada, an island nicknamed ‘The Greek Caribbean’, onto which the King of the Gods has sifted icing sugar sand. Zeus’s brother Posiedon, God of the Sea, went one step further. Greek legend says he created Antipaxos Island for his own pleasure. With golden banana curves of beach at every turn. It’s mythically beautiful. Say no more.

Your Guide to Greece

Quiet Getaway

Paradise comes with a caveat. Even islands as ridiculously beautiful as Antipaxos have minimal infrastructure. In this case a population of 20 and zero hotels. If you want to snorkel a sea cave, play beach volley, track cetaceans by drone, free dive a shipwreck or drink chilled Mythos beers on tens of thousands of beaches...you’ll require a Y.CO yacht.

Your Guide to Greece

Steeped in History and Exploration

Greeks have been island hopping for 5,000 years. Their hero, Odysseus, was a yachtsman. While their Olympic gold medalists have majored in swimming and sailing. Greece welcomes you with superb seafood, bucolic ruins, horseback rides, vineyards tours, desert islands and gigantic breakfasts of watermelon and feta cheese. Write your own history today.




The world’s first seafaring civilisation traded, migrated and fought for its independence at sea. A Y.CO yacht will enable you to stroll, snorkel or scuba through history. Like Shipwreck Beach on Zakynthos, where our RIB will buzz you ashore first. Or the astounding 2,500-year-old Ancient Greek wreck off Peristera, in 30m of crystalline seas, which fully opened in 2021.

All Sorts of Sea Blues

The Ionian Islands, which are closer to Italy and Croatia than Athens, bathe in deep cobalt blue. The food-fanatic Saronic Islands have Bombay Sapphire seas. The circular Cyclades Islands chain, where history meets hands-in-the-air fun, are set in lapis lazuli, the same colour as taverna chairs. The Sporades Islands are Greece’s hippy-chic escapes. The islands are emerald, the sea is teal, and there’s only one teeny-tiny international airport in the entire island chain.

Yacht Charter Greece FAQs

How do I charter a yacht in Greece?

Ready to set sail? Our dedicated team of Yacht Charter Specialists are on hand to tell you everything there is to know about chartering your first yacht. We'll help you secure the best rates, perfect your itinerary, and find the perfect yacht for your Greek getaway.

What luxury yacht charters in Greece are available?

We have a wide selection of yachts to charter in Greece, with each offering the perfect foundation for lasting memories. With so many islands to explore, it's time to choose your floating home away from home. Simply select your budget, number of guests and preferred onboard facilities.

When's the best time to charter a yacht in Greece?

The Greek yachting season runs between April and October. Both July and August are incredibly popular yachting months due to the hot Mediterranean climate, warm waters and idyllic sailing conditions. With average temperatures of 27 degrees, it's the perfect chance to soak up the sun on your private deck.

Where are the best places to enjoy a yacht charter in Greece?

With 6,000 Greek islands awaiting your arrival, it's hard to know where to plan your sunshine escape. There are so many stunning locations on offer, whether that's the mysterious island of Antipaxos, the historical beauty of Athens or the dreamy coast of Santorini. We simply can't choose a favourite.