Red hot beaches. White hot nights.

The Cyclades’ Wild Child

Mykonos is the white-hot island where anything goes. Clubs like Jackie O’s rock like the Star Wars cantina. The fashion scene - Panama hats and D&G kaftans - is St Tropez meets Marrakech. The daily diet for Mykonos’s beautiful people? A breakfast of Greek yoghurt and espresso freddo. Followed by a nude swim at Panormas Beach. Welcome to the Cyclades’ wild child.

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Your Guide to Mykonos

Party. Beach. Repeat.

Mykonos is all about the beach. 25 sandy swooshes to be exact. Agios Ioannis has snorkeling shallows of vodka-tonic clarity. Ornos Beach has a big wide bay for fast toys like windsurfs and jetskis. Super Paradise Beach lives on sushi and watermelon slushies. Each evening DJs raise pulses to indecent levels. Need to chill? Swim back for a hot oil massage on your Y.CO yacht.

Pure Adventure

Energy restored? On Mykonos daredevils will fit right in. Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange an open-top Jeep safari. Or a slow pedal to historic vineyards like Vioma, where organic grapes grow alongside half-wild donkeys, rabbits and wildflowers. Salty seadogs can look at model boats and naval memorabilia in the Aegean Maritime Museum. While the rest of their party sip Spritz in a jasmine-draped bar.

One of the Most Sacred Islands

Sinned on Mykonos? Sail to nearby Delos, one of the ancient world’s most sacred islands. Ancient stone lions stand guard over ruined temples. It’s not possible to moor up overnight here – the Greek Gods wouldn’t be pleased. But three gorgeous bays grace the uninhabited island of Rinia. Snorkelers will find shoals of silver bream. Readers will be undisturbed aside from the odd splash from rainbow wrasse.