Northern Europe

Two words: midnight sun. Chartering a Y.CO yacht in Northern Europe is a round-the-clock adventure. Whale spotting over breakfast. Coastal villages for afternoon strolls. Cocktail parties that rock until dawn. Big days. White nights.

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Your Guide to Northern Europe

Midnight Sun. All Day Fun.

Your Guide to Northern Europe

So Many Adventures

Experiences? Out of this world. Track wild wolves in Sweden. Skydive the mountains of Voss in Norway. RIB ride alongside sperm whales in Iceland. Shoot 18 holes on the Shetland Island of Whalsay, the wildest and most northerly course in the UK.

Your Guide to Northern Europe

Water Bound Fun

Watersports? World class. Surf pristine seas around the Faroe Islands. Wear wetsuits in the Stockholm Archipelago for a 30,000 island swim. Off Svalbard, above the Arctic Circle, kayak alongside reindeers and arctic fox. Then warm back up in your Y.CO yacht spa.

Your Guide to Northern Europe

Hidden Depths

Diving? World beating. The Baltic Sea has 100,000 shipwrecks that can be discovered with a Y.CO divemaster. From 17th-century Swedish gunships to Soviet submarines from WWII. Scotland is equally awesome. At Scapa Flow, snorkel with seals. Plus some of the 52 WWI vessels scuttled on the Scottish seabed. Iceland is epic. At Silfra, tectonic plates cleave apart to leave an underwater Cathedral where underwater visibility tops 100m. It’s possibly the clearest water on planet earth.