Caribbean Yacht Charter

The Caribbean… Where eagle rays dance around snorkelers, white sands meet vibrant seas, and distillery tastings in sugarcane fields await. Chartering a Caribbean Y.CO yacht opens the doors to paradise. How? Read on.

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Reasons to Charter in the Caribbean

Seriously, where to start...

Reasons to Charter in the Caribbean

Love for The Leewards

The Leeward Islands are boat heaven. Cast a line for marlin off Guadeloupe or zipline over its untamed jungle. Dive with a seascooter off St Kitts where shipwreck MV River Taw is a living aquarium. Or relive Pirates of the Caribbean around Dominica, an island that’s 70% rainforest and 100% wild. But how to do them all? A luxury Y.CO yacht with a crew who know just what to do.

Reasons to Charter in the Caribbean

Sunken ships. Super scuba.

In 1986 cargo ship Lesleem M was deliberately sunk off St Lucia. The wreck is now a technicoloured artificial reef for lobster and snapper. Cooper Island in the BVIs is even more colourful. Here, sunken ships form Wreck Alley, an awesome scuba site patrolled by soldierfish and stingrays. Here’s why you should Charter a luxury Y.CO yacht this winter and make the most of everything.

Reasons to Charter in the Caribbean

Food. Flavour. Fusion.

Creole to Cajun, Asia to African (via French of course). Caribbean food is a fusion of colours, cultures and big-bold flavours. We love Trinidad and Tobago for its street-food roti. We love roast conch and yam baskets on St Lucia. Fine dining? Start with some French flair on St Barths. The red snapper with saffron mussel sauce, please. Y.CO yacht charter itineraries keep it sweet too, with cucurucho pineapple dessert in Cienfuego, Cuba. We could go on.