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Why Choose Oceanco

Why Choose Oceanco

Crafting Luxury Superyachts

Superyacht builder Oceanco Yachts builds luxury yachts from 80 to 140 metres in steel and aluminum. As leaders in innovative, sophisticated yacht design, shipyard Oceanco approaches yacht building with an open mind, and the yachts they build often feature complex state-of-the-art systems that stretch the boundaries of technology. In addition to their own experienced in-house design team, Oceanco has worked with an array of world-acclaimed designers such as Terence Disdale, Nuvolari-Lenard, Espen Øino, Sam Sorgiovanni, Igor Lobanov, Tim Heywood and Andrew Winch, and has produced many innovative and award-winning projects where luxury interior craftsmanship is fused with complex exterior engineering. The Oceanco shipyard is based in the town of Alblasserdam in the Netherlands.

Why Choose Oceanco

Sustainable Yachting

Yacht builder Oceanco are trailblazing the way to more sustainable yachting, and they do this through some seriously well-considered design and complex engineering. Whether it’s Bravo Eugenia’s LIFE-design, characterised by her fuel-efficient hull design and integration of sustainable technology, or the waste heat recovery and green power generation of Black Pearl, it’s clear that Oceanco yachts pave the way for a new generation of superyachts that value sustainability as highly as luxury and quality.

Why Choose Oceanco

Uncompromised Engineering

Superyacht builder Oceanco was founded in 1990 when South African investors worked with then CEO Richard Hein to build luxury yachts in Durban, South Africa, which would then have finishing work completed at various facilities in the Netherlands. Greek shipping and steel magnate Theodore Angelopoulos gained control of the company in 2002, and  introduced a new building strategy focusing on 80-plus metre superyachts called the “Y Generation”. Oceanco yachts feature uncompromised Dutch engineering, with designs from some of the world’s leading superyacht designers.

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