Windward Islands

Discover seclusion in the Windwards: Dominica’s nature, St Vincent’s beaches. Barbados parties, St Lucia and Grenada dive wonders. How to do it all? A luxury Y.CO charter, of course.

Island Hopping.

Black Sand Beaches. Mountains. Relaxed Chic.


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Your Guide to the Windward Islands

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Most easterly of the Caribbean islands, the Windwards offer something quite different. Charter a Y.CO luxury yacht and cherry-pick highlights like Trinidad’s pre-Lent Carnival – the Caribbean’s biggest bash. Or visit the indigenous Kalinago in forest-clad Dominica. Snorkel with seahorses and frogfish in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Dive the many wrecks off Grenada. Swim in scenic bliss in Soufrière Bay. Luxuriate in the French-inflected culture of Martinique. How will you decide?

Your Guide to the Windward Islands

Diving St Vincent and the Grenadines

You’ve found diving nirvana. St Vincent and the Grenadines’ 32 islands and cays are skirted by thriving leeside reefs. Head for in-the-know sites like Anse Chastanet, Keyhole Pinnacles and the Lesleen M wreck. Eagle rays, damselfish and green morays drift amongst coral fans and giant barrel sponges. Lobster from these waters is the best you’ll ever eat. They grill it right at Petit Rameau’s Romeo Lobster BBQ in Tobago Cays.

Your Guide to the Windward Islands

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Paradise for birds and bird-lovers. Covering 1,500 deeply forested acres in Trinidad’s Arima Valley, the Asa Wright Nature Centre is an oasis for the island’s incredible 400 avian species. But expect more than ruby-topaz hummingbirds or magnificent frigatebirds. AWNC shelters 600 butterfly species, including the black-and-scarlet cattleheart and the vividly-striped Isabella tiger. It’s also home to creatures even more deadly than they are beautiful, like the ribbon coral snake.

Your Guide to the Windward Islands

St Pierre, Martinique

Could St-Pierre be the prettiest bloom in the ‘Island of Flowers’? Between Mont Pelée and the Gulf of Anse, this sleepy town epitomises Martiniquan charm. Founded in 1635, the ‘Caribbean Paris’ is famous for colorful, early 20th-century French-colonial architecture. Doughty Fort-St Louis is its only real 17th-century sight. Now guesthouses like Maison Rousse and creole restaurants like Le Guérin entice. Wreck divers adore soft corals and rays around the accessible Raisinier.