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Sheer cliffs. Monastery ruins. Pine forests. All encircled by crystalline waters. Lefkada is connected to the Greek mainland by causeway and strikes a perfect balance between a modern tourist presence and the traditional Greek island living. Start at the northern Lefkas marina, one of Greece’s most modern and convenient, and explore the interior of the island or cruise its numerous islets to witness its towering peaks and cascading waterfalls. Enjoy the unspoilt nature of Lefkada by yacht charter.

Where Tradition Meets Luxury

Strike out and explore the island to discover hidden beaches only accessible by yacht. We go to Agios Nikitas. The tiny fishing village is flanked by pristine beaches and clear turquoise water. For entertainment take your Greek yacht charter to Lefkada's east coast. Nidri has a large sheltered bay and is a popular spot for locals looking for a quiet meal and smooth sipping late into the balmy Mediterranean nights. Need something more lively? Catch the breezes and join the windsurfers who make a beeline for Vassiliki in the south.

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