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Gateway to Ancient Olympia

Birthplace Of The Olympics

Cruise to Katákolon on your Greece yacht charter and unlock the doorway to some of ancient Greece’s greatest feats. A mere thirty-minute drive from Katákolon’s brand-new marina takes you back a thousand years. Discover Olympia, the place where the Olympic games began in 776BC. Relive long-ago victories and defeats. See jewellery, weapons and ceramics from antiquity that bring classical Greece’s legendary exploits vividly to life.

Recreate Legendary Past

Bring home an authentic reminder of dramatic Greek triumphs from your Katákolon yacht charter. Head to the on-site shop, set amidst Olympia’s atmospheric ruins. And, choose your favourite artworks from an array of museum-quality reproductions. From life-size statues of muscular Olympic heroes to intricately wrought precious ornaments, find the ideal objects to help you repeatedly recapture the essence of ancient Greece’s golden age.

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