The Corinth Canal

A Spectacular Engineering Marvel

Majestic Water Corridor

Sheer white cliffs rise straight up out of the deep turquoise water on either side of your yacht charter through the Corinth Canal. Cruise 110KM directly down a narrow water pathway cut directly through the Greek countryside. This engineering wonder, completed in 1893, connects the Aegean, home of the mythical islands of the Cyclades with the Ionian Sea, where equally legendary isles beckon.

Doorway To The Gulf Of Corinth

Emerge directly from the Corinth Canal into the Gulf of Corinth, where soaring mountains loom in the distance. Sit back as your luxury Greece yacht charter floats through an enticing expanse of water in revolving hues of turquoise, deep blue and aquamarine. Sip chilled white wine from local groves. Relive ancient legends in this seascape Odysseus called home and create your own mythical memories.

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