Marco Borrini

Maritime Compliance & DPA | Monaco

My Story

Born in South Italy in the “City of the two Seas”, Taranto, in a family with a long tradition in the Italian Navy, I dreamed of a career at sea. As soon as I graduated from Nautical School, I served on my first Merchant Ship, starting a long journey which lead me to Chief Officer, sailing for 20 years all around the world, from Alaska to Antarctica.

I decided, in 2002, that the time had come to go back on land. I started a shore-based job, managing various type of Vessels before joining Y.CO, the perfect environment where my passion for yachting can grow, supported by a fantastic Team. During my free time, I love to travel or to discover the narrow alleys of the historic villages all around Monaco, where I live with my wife and our three cats. We also share the same passion for the mountains, where we go as often as we can…cats included.