Vlad Ovodovskiy

Technical Manager | Fort Lauderdale

My Story

Following in the footsteps of my seventh-generation Seaman’s dynasty, I embarked on the studies of engineering. With a master’s degree in Navigation at Sea science, I now have acquired over 150,000 nautical miles of experience in the course of years at sea. As a result, I found myself with a growing desire to continue enhancing my knowledge in the field of engineering; now in the superyacht industry. The yachting industry has enabled me to develop my engineering skills on a daily basis.

My Passion

Growing up, I worked hard at school and won first place in the Regional High school math and science competition and then won in software development competitions. I love to travel and spend time with my family, but I also dedicate much of my time to computer software and hardware development skills and as a Computer Savant, with over 30 years of experience I coded my first “Hello World” in the early ’90s.