Stephanie Weel

Head of Operations | Monaco

"My Feet are Firmly on the ground"



As a child I dreamed of becoming a pilot. Aerospace Engineering ended up being a little too mathematical for me, so instead I got a job in marketing in the airline industry. About 12 years ago, I joined Y.CO, but after carrying out a project during an Atlantic crossing, I enjoyed it so much I decided to find a job on board. I started as 3rd Stewardess on a 50m charter yacht, learning to hold 3 plates at a time and wondering why guests ordered rocks in their whisky. I worked my way up to Chief Stewardess. Deciding to come back onshore I went straight back to Y.CO and this time I’m keeping both feet well and truly on dry land! I enjoy snowboarding and paddleboarding, but being Dutch, what I like most is simply riding my bike. My ultimate dream holiday? Buenos Aires to Patagonia in a Jeep.

My Favourite Place

52°39'39"N 4°37'54"E