Sarah Bayard

Crew Operations | Fort Lauderdale

My Story

Being Florida born and Indiana raised, I always considered myself the human combination of salty and sweet—saltwater in my veins and sweet Midwestern manners. After getting my Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies, I packed up everything I could in one checked bag and headed to Fort Lauderdale where I began my career as a yacht stewardess. I spent the next three years working on yachts and fell in love with the ocean and with travel. Seeing pods of wild orcas breaching in British Columbia, sipping mojitos with friendly sloths in Panama, and spending 4th of July docked right in the middle of New York City are just a few of my favorite memories from my time at sea.  

My Passion

After years of getting my sea legs, I decided to give land-human life a go where I am now lucky enough to call Fort Lauderdale home—palm trees, coconuts, and all. When I’m not being a beach bum, you can catch me walking pooches at the humane society or brunching with the girls from the office.

My Favourite Place

41°9'28"N 8°37'41"W