Clemence Smith

Crew Operations | London

My Story

Having been lucky enough to grow up in the South of France, I have always been blessed with sun, sea and mountains as my every day. Exploring every crevice, laughing with all the people but probably most importantly, eating all the delicious food, what more could you ask for! Although my roots have always been strong here, I have taken every opportunity to explore new horizons, trekking from medieval Europe to modern high-rise Hong Kong. But the call of the Mediterranean is always strongest, and so inevitably yachting has also always been on my horizon.

My Passion

Nowadays, I split my time with London after completing my degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at University of East Anglia. It’s somewhat less sun, mountains and sea but the constant hubbub of activity provides its own attraction. With such an international team, the WHERE matters less than the WHO these days!

My Favourite Place

43°55'30"N 8°5'1"E