Mohamed Nechar

Procurement Manager | Monaco

'Work hard, play hard'


My Story

I was born in Spain with Moroccan parents hence I had the privilege to be part of two different cultures. I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer with a master’s degree in Maritime Supply Chain Management and another in the Operation of Maritime Energy Facilities. In addition, I hold a certificate as an ISM internal auditor, which reflects my commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the maritime industry. With eight years of experience in the offshore sector, I have a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges of this field always putting the client first.

My Passion

Beyond my professional life, I have a strong passion for travel. The best place I've ever had the privilege of visiting is Iceland where I was chasing Northern Lights and waking up in front of majestic waterfalls. Exploring new cultures and landscapes is a true source of joy for me, and I'm particularly drawn to remote and beautiful locations. Staying active is also a priority in my life, with a special affinity for boxing and working out. Mindfulness is an important aspect of my daily routine, helping me strike a healthy balance between work and personal life. I've found my heart in the sea and the maritime industry, and I can't imagine pursuing any other career.

My Favourite Place

64°59'2"N 18°36'59"W