Alessia Forastieri

Yacht Accounts Support | Monaco

My Story

I’ve grown up in the Italian Riviera and studied in the French one. I can speak Italian, English, French, and Chinese as beginner. I’m very passionate about languages because I love travelling, and I think we can get the best and unexpected experiences by living with locals and their cultures, discovering things that a translation would not reveal. Before graduating in Management of International Business in Nice, I had the amazing opportunity to work at Y.CO as an intern, and just after, to become officially part of the amazing Yellow Family. Since then, the yachting sector, its players and its mechanisms have intrigued me and I cannot think of a better industry to work in. What I enjoy about Y.CO is their disruptive approach and their unique values that reflects me 100%.

My Passion

If I could have any job on a yacht, I would love to be a Purser because I like being in contact with people and i'm known for my organizational skills, attention to details and love of finance! I’m a black belt in Aikido, a-not-so-well-known Japanese martial art that I’ve been practicing since the age of 9 and that taught me to discover my qualities and improve my flaws. I’m also a big fun of extreme sports and exciting adventures. I love navigating the river by raft, flying like an eagle on the longest Italian zipline, and climbing the Cote d’Azur mountains. My next dreams are parachuting and bungie jumping!