Soline Gouges

Yacht Accounts | Monaco

'magical adventures'


My Story

I grew up in Nuits Saint Georges in Burgundy, surrounded by wine. My dad is a winemaker in our family winery. I loved growing up there, and go back home when I need to unwind. I really enjoy living in Monaco and my new job in Yacht Accounts at Y.CO is giving me a great opportunity to improve my knowledge of yachting.

My Passion

I adore travelling. When I was young, my family and I spent all our holidays discovering Asia – an incredible place. We returned every year, backpacks over our shoulders and maps in our pockets. I will always remember those magical adventures. The next place I want to visit is Luang Prabang in Laos. I fell in love with this beautiful, quiet city when I was a child, and I’d like to rediscover it as an adult.

My Favourite Place

19°53'0"N 102°8'0"E