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The Eastern Mediterranean greets the first sun, illuminating temples in the birthplace of democracy, drama, and literature. Home to four of the Seven Wonders of the World, and with more islands than the Caribbean, it's an invitation to solitude.

10,000 islands. One epic adventure.




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Your Guide to the East Mediterranean

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The Big Three yacht charter destinations - Greece, Turkey, and Croatia - blend history, culture and exciting cuisine. Perfect for adrenaline junkies and teens trading smartphones for kitesurfing.

Your Guide to the East Mediterranean

10,000 Islands

There are plenty of places to jetski. Even the Croatian government can’t agree how many islands the country has (we reckon 1,200). Turkey has ex-military islands that were off-the-map until the 1990s. Greece has around 6,000 islands - although no one is truly sure. By using the Greek Islands as stepping stones, sailors can cruise two nations during a single charter. Some Y.CO yacht owners combine all three.

Your Guide to the East Mediterranean

Unlimited Experiences

Beyond this Holy Trinity, there’s even more. Ancient city states, like Venice and Bari, showcase frescoes, fine dining and food tours on Vespas. Emerging nations, including Albania, pair only-taste-here wine with UNESCO-protected seaside ruins like Butrint, which are best seen by kayak or RIB. Slovenia and Cyprus serve as staging points for wildlife safaris and white knuckle adventures. Every day is an experience on a charter yacht.

Your Guide to the East Mediterranean

Islands Lost in Time

Lost-in-time archipelagos are scattered across the Eastern Mediterranean. Like Italy’s Tremiti Islands, which are halfway to Croatia. Its 500 islanders use lemons, snails, mussels and figs to craft the ultimate isolation cuisine. And Greece’s Diapontia Islands, which are closer to Italy than Athens. Its 400 residents receive news via the weekly ferry from Corfu - not the Financial Times.



So. Much. Coast.

In terms of shoreline Greece, Turkey and Croatia are top 20 nations with 13,000km, 7,000km and 6,000km of respective seafront. The upshot? There’s a creek, beach or bay with your name on it.

The Birthplace Of Yachting

Sailors have hopped from desert islands to banana beaches for 5,000 years. Contact your Y.CO Charter Specialist to write your own history.

East Mediterranean Yacht Charter FAQs

What yachts do you have available in the East Mediterranean?

You'll be spoilt for choice when organising an East Mediterranean yacht charter. We have a large selection available for those seeking a Mediterranean adventure. Narrow down your search by inputting your budget, the number of guests, and the facilities you'd like onboard.

What is there to do on an East Mediterranean luxury yacht charter?

Think sun-drenched islands, dramatic mountain landscapes, and crystal-clear waters. The East Mediterranean is a true yachting playground. With ancient city-states, wildlife safaris and fresh culinary delights, prepare for truly unforgettable experiences. Our carefully crafted itineraries can help you make the most of your voyage.

What's the best thing about the East Mediterranean?

As the birthplace of yachting, it's no surprise that we LOVE the East Mediterranean. It's home to some of the most beautiful countries in the world, including culture-rich Croatia, peaceful Montenegro, the diverse coast of Turkey, and the charming islands of Greece. The opportunities are endless.

What does my Y.CO Charter Specialist do?

Our experienced team of charter specialists will ensure your yacht charter experience in the East Mediterranean is unforgettable from start to finish. We're passionate about creating remarkable memories and offer our clients unrivalled access to the best yachts on the market. Speak to us today to start planning your adventure.