Turkey Blue Coast Adventure

Gocek to Bodrum. Why swim from your beach club when you can cliff dive instead? Jump from a rope swing. Fall off a jetski. Or leap head-first down an inflatable slide.

Embark On Your Own Adventure

The deepest dives. The loneliest beaches. The biggest splashes. The greatest adventure yet. Some experiences on the Gocek to Bodrum coastline are humble. You can sip mojitos in hammocks in the hippy-chic port of Bozburun. Or stroll the deserted beach at Dalyan, which is sited in a protected ecological zone. Other adventures require a supporting cast of tenders, DJs and chefs. For example, your pirate party, hosted on an uninhabited bay near Gocek. The best bit? This gorgeous ribbon of coast is for everyone. Ages 8 to 80 can join jeep safaris, shipwreck snorkels and eFoil explorations up creeks. Your adventure starts here.



Greet your yacht in Göcek and cruise straight out to sea. Göcek’s 12 islands compete for your first swim. Throw inflatables from your beach club, then dive right in. This evening drop anchor in snorkel-friendly Sarsala Bay. Feel the 100m-deep water under your feet. Or jump in from the rope swing tied to a phoenix tree. Having too much fun? Shout to your captain to put dinner on hold.

Ekincik Koyu


Wake up in Ekincik Koyu, a mirror-calm bay ringed by sandy beach. Swim in for Turkish coffee. Feel the adrenaline rise. Then head down to the swim platform for toy time. Ekincik Koyu has enough space to host a windsurf race. Spectators can follow the action on kayaks and RIBs. Too relaxed to step off the sun deck? Track the action via drone instead.



Another day. Another memory to last a lifetime. Take a RIB up the surging Dalyan River. Spot Nile turtles and Roman ruins hiding up creeks. This morning’s destination is a healing mud bath...followed by a headlong jump into the sea. Refreshed? Ride the river downcurrent to Dalyan’s protected Iztuzu Beach. Hotels are prohibited in this ecological area. Come sunset, 5km of golden sand is yours alone.



Wake up in Bozburun, Turkey’s most relaxed bay. Rise for breakfast, then and step on to your paddle board or kayak. Tarmac roads haven’t reached the Bozburun Peninsula, so its secret beaches are yours to discover. You won’t captain alone. Your crew will pack iced beers in a cool bag and can follow in a support RIB.

D Maris Bay


Today promises unrivalled luxury on land and sea. Our partners at D Maris Resort welcome Y.CO charter guests for clay court tennis, beach cabanas and poolside sushi at Zuma. Rest well. Because the afternoon breeze brings kitesurf races in D Maris Bay. Played too hard? Repose on Silence Beach, an exclusive curve of sand where cellphones are banned.



And relax. This morning, tender to Orhaniye, a cute fishing village that belongs in the 1970s. See the 500m sandbar in the bay? It allows you to stroll, as if by magic, on the surface of the sea. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist has prepared a post-lunch treat. A jeep safari along the pine-scented peninsula by way of wineries, windmills and waterfalls. Last driver back to Orhaniye buys the ice creams.

English Harbour Sojana


Wake up and cross your fingers. Because English Bay is so tricky to find, it secreted the Royal Navy’s special forces during WWII. Dozens of creeks shelter translucent waters. It’s the perfect spot for eFoil and SUP explorations. Got lost? You won’t be the first. Your Y.CO yacht crew bring the refreshments to you using a GPS locator.



Wake up late, in Turkey’s most action-packed town. Steam in a Turkish hammam. Beat locals at backgammon. Visit the epic Underwater Archaeology Museum. All before lunch. Post-siesta? Bodrum drops the beat. Outdoor clubs welcome Y.CO charter parties with VIP tables overlooking your yacht. After-party? Swim back for a DJ set on deck. The fun stops when you do.



Big tunes at breakfast? It’s party time! Turkbuku is Turkey's answer to Ibiza. Watch Istanbul society cruise in for hip stores and swimming pool seas. Enjoy your lazy afternoon on deck; tonight you’ll take the tender to an alfresco club, where laser beams meet basslines and blueberry daiquiris. Detox? Have the crew transport you back on board for Virgin Marys and ten hours sleep.



Wake up in Yalikavak, where Turkey tumbles into the Aegean Sea. The most westerly bar before the Greek Islands serves Turkish tea and raki-on-the-rocks. Sail on for uninhabited islands. Try Catalada Island for sea life scuba. Or Tulluce Island for kayak creeks. Paddle further west and you’ll be in Greece.

Bodrum - Disembark


Disembark in Bodrum. But before you leave, we’ve arranged a final surprise. Choose among shipwreck scuba dives. Or a lazy day in a beach club that serves miso smoked aubergine and lobster rolls. When you’re ready to leave, an SUV will escort you to Bodrum Airport, a 30-minute drive past endless blue bays.