Buzz. Fizz. Pizzazz.

Fiesta. Culture. High Energy.

Say hola to the biggest, buzziest city in the Balearics. Like a baby Barcelona, Palma is a 24/7 fiesta of cafés, cocktails, museums, markets, castles and cathedrals. Need a pick-me-up? This high energy city is sustained by tapas and Rioja. 

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Your Guide to Palma

Gothic Meets Art Nouveau

Palma’s confidence comes from its beauty. Gothic meets art nouveau on every palm-shaded piazza. Find 7,000 Joan Miró artworks near the marina. Find paintings by his friend Pablo Picasso in the Museu Es Baluard. Find old town streets daubed with societal murals. Find your personal art guide waiting on the dock as you step off your yacht.

From Markets to Michelin Stars

Food is in abundance here. Mallorca has been a culinary crossroads for 2,000 years. Romans left grapes and capers. Arabs left cinnamon and saffron. British left a love of gin and tonic. Try a selection in Mercat de l’Olivar. Market stalls allow samples of frit lamb-and-potato slices and coco de trempo olive-pepper-tomato flatbreads. Or eat Michelin. Newly starred restaurant Santi Taura serves Mallorcan history with 14-dish tastings of cod croquettes from an ancient convent recipe, and lamb-plum-bake from a 4th-century cookbook.

Sailing Towards the Beach

A common yacht charter request? Sail me straight to the beach. Cala Comtessa is like a swimming pool. The only toys you need are snorkels and floats. For privacy, kayak to Cala Falcon. This miniscule sandy sliver, like many of Mallorca’s 262 beaches, can only be accessed by private boat.