Beach Babylon

100 White and Bronze Beaches

Imagine an island with 100 beaches coloured from polar white to burnished bronze. Imagine it’s surrounded by a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that tints the sea from ultramarine to midnight blue. Imagine the sound of thrushes and larks, not RIBs or jetskis. Imagine Menorca, an island that welcomes only 1m lucky visitors per year (Mallorca receives 15m). Imagine strolling on a secret beach right now. 

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Your Guide to Menorca

Private Beach

Cala Mitjana is a shining example. This amber arc of sand can only be reached by private yacht or hiking trail. The air is scented by nearly one thousand flowering plants. The only shadows are those reflected by your charter yacht on the Menorca seabed. Too public? Swim to little sister beach Cala Mitjaneta next door. In the words of Condé Nast Traveller: "There's only room for 20 or so sunbathers. Make sure you're one of them."

Back to the Beach

A Menorca yacht charter begins and ends at the beach. Allow your crew to organise pirate treasure hunts, aquatic Olympics, SUP races, eFoil lessons and trampoline jumps into the drink. The best beach? Some say Cala Trebalúger, a virgin cove, where footprints at dusk will be yours alone. We say there’s another 99 beaches to explore.

Menorcan Soul

Menorca’s twin towns offer equal allure. Mahon is protected by castles. Sustained by 50 seafood restaurants. And fortified by Xoriguer gin, which distils the island essence of juniper, rosemary and thyme. Ciutadella is as Spanish as a glass of sangria. The town sources lobster and grouper directly from fishing boats. Lazy lunches are best slept off on Cala Turqueta. This beautiful beach has only three colours: white sand, turquoise water, green pines.