Balearic Back in Time

Welcome To Cabrera

Imagine a Balearic Island with no hotels, bars or cars. One lost for 1,000 years as a papal retreat, a pirate hideout and finally a military base. A destination where loggerheads, fin whales and 200 species of fish appear entirely unafraid of humankind. Welcome to Cabrera. An island 15km south of Mallorca. And several centuries removed.

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Your Guide to Cabrera

Clear Blue Waters. Underwater Seascapes.

Anchoring in Eden is forbidden. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange a 48-hour licence to moor at one of 50 buoys. Motors are out. Instead, SUP through a Maritime-Terrestrial National Park that makes up one of the Mediterranean’s largest marine reserves. Swim inside the Laguna Azul, a cave that glows electric blue in the Balearic light. Or dive like there’s no tomorrow. We can also arrange a 24-hour scuba pass to photograph tuna and amberjacks.

Boarding Pass to Heaven

Step ashore from your chartered yacht to your desert island. On Cabrera there are more species of migrating birds (around 150 including ospreys and shearwaters) than hikers. Eight walking trails meander through a fairytale garden of thyme, juniper and wild fennel. Don’t pity the island’s garrison of 12 Spanish soldiers. They may share a single TV but also 15-square-kilometres of Shangri-La.

Archipelago To Go

Life gets better. Because Cabrera National Park doesn’t cover one island, but an archipelago of 19 big islets and 12 climb-up-dive-off specks. Float from your boat. Spot turtles and shipwrecks. Kayak around a destination without cellphone pings or generator sounds. This lost Balearic is paradise found.