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The Balearics' Wild Child

Meet the Balearics’ wild child. The hippy-chic, hard-party, sun-soaked sister with sand in her hair. Yet step inland to discover Ibiza’s boho soul. An island where you can perform mountaintop yoga, dine on an organic farm or ride Vespas to organic vineyards. Want to moor? The new marina under Ibiza’s UNESCO-protected castle welcomes charter yachts up to 185m. You’ll fit right in.

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Your Guide to Ibiza

Hands in the Air

Prefer to party? Ibiza made its name with Bob Marley and Frank Zappa in the seventies. Then dropped the beat in the noughties with Sven Vath and David Guetta. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange skip-the-line access to superclubs like DC10. You can mix in the moonlight and shimmy until sunrise. The best afterparty? It’s on a yacht stocked with Jacuzzis, masseurs and turmeric lassis. And you just happen to be chartering it.

Time to Retox

Jetski, eFoil or RIB to another buzzing beach club. Like Amante, which serves red prawn tartare with lemon pearls, and king crab salad with kimchi mayonnaise. Searching for serenity? Set a course for Cala Vadella. The most chilled of Ibiza’s 80 beaches specialises in café con leche and Kindle time. Headline news is when the Estrella beer truck is delayed on the country road from Ibiza Town.

Yellow Submarine

Dive into Ibiza’s soul. The Cala d'Hort Marine Reserve promises 30m scuba visibility. Which illuminates 20 significant dive sites like The Abyss, a vertical wall alive with amberjacks and tuna, and Gorgonias, an octopus's garden of hazy purple coral. Even more esoteric is Es Vedra. This uninhabited island sits on a magnetic fissure. Some locals claim it’s a signalling station for attracting UFOs. One thing is certain: when sunset colours Es Vedra like a fireball, and bioluminescent fish zigzag under your yacht, Ibiza is out of this world.