Wild Island Bliss

A Small Island Escape

Welcome to the lost Balearic Island. A 3km-long Eden, uninhabited since the last lighthouse keeper sailed away. Dragonera is dedicated to life’s simple pleasures. Hiking through fragrant samphire. Exploring 18th-century forts. Playing hide and seek in wild olive forests. Cliff jumping into 26°C seas.

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Your Guide to Dragonera

A Pristine Patch of Land

Here’s why Dragonera stayed pristine. In 1975 a Spanish hotel company planned to build a casino and leisure complex. Construction was fought by conservationists. Their victory is the Dragonera Natural Park. Today Eleonora’s falcons outnumber birdwatchers. Bottlenose dolphins outnumber yachts. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist has arranged a Natural Park pass for your voyage back in time.

Where Divers Dare

Packing snorkels or scuba tanks? OMG. Monkfish and barracudas guard Dragonera’s no-catch zone. The island’s subaquatic treasure chest shimmers with golden scorpionfish, sapphire sea slugs and silverine bream. Poseidon grass nourishes a nursery of soldierfish and shrimp. The toughest dive is the shipwrecked MS Josephine wooden freighter in 33m of Balearic sea. Groupers gape and eagle rays cruise, while moray eels snap at your flashlight. You can shoot your own NatGeo documentary with drone cameras right here.

Way of the Dragon

Don’t fear the dragons. On Dragonera they describe a cheeky wall lizard found nowhere else on earth. Their life revolves around sunbathing, eating escargot and cavorting in 361 plant species. Lucky devils. Best island view? Kitesurf across to Punta Blanca on mainland Mallorca, 1km away. A gorgeous coast lets you hop, splash and swim north to Cala en Basset Bay, where your tender awaits.