Balearic Beach Club

Palma to Palma. Pack a bikini and shorts. Our swim-snorkel-sunbathe tour of the Balearics’ 375 beaches is 100% fun in the sun.

Turquoise Seas & Golden Sands

The best beaches in the Balearic Islands are break-the-Internet beautiful. Cala Escorxada has sandy-bottomed shallows tinted from topaz to turquoise. It looks like the Seychelles. Cala Mondrago is protected by kingfishers and eagles. It could be in Brazil. The best beaches have one thing in common. They are a devil to reach by car. But a cinch to reach by yacht. If you require beach clubs, inflatable bananas and waiter service, bring your own boat. One breathtaking example from this itinerary is Cala Tuent. It’s a feral squiggle of sand hidden by 1,000m-high mountains. The nearest asphalt is miles away. Toys? A necessity. On this 11-day voyage you can scuba shipwrecks. Kayak into caves. Snorkel in a marine reserve. Luckily your yacht has everything you need already on board. 



Embark in Palma. Race you to the beach. Cala Comtessa is the most family friendly of Mallorca’s 262 beaches. The sea here is like a swimming pool. The only toys you need are snorkels and floats. Although paradise is more fun with seascooters, hydrofoil surfboards and an inflatable trampoline.



Wake up in Andratx. A gorgeous natural harbour ringed by pine forest. Take a 4x4 quad bike safari into Mallorca’s most feral corner. You’ll require a mountain guide to reach Cala d'Egos. This sandy swoosh is secreted between crashing cliffs. There are no beach clubs, parasols or Calippos in sight. Unless you’re here on a Y.CO Yacht Charter.

Dragonera Island


In the morning, stroll a Balearic Eden. Dragonera Island forms a Natural Park guarded by geckos and falcons. It’s been uninhabited since the last lighthouse keeper sailed away in 1975. Hike Dragonera’s 376m peak. Spot shearwaters with your yacht binoculars. Make daredevil cliff jumps into 26°C seas. And the diving? Totally epic. 30m visibility showcases conger eels, lobsters and two shipwrecks.

Valldemossa Marina


Snap a Kodak moment at Valldemossa Marina. This time-stood-still beach is framed by fishermen's cabins and whispering pines. It’s a place for watercolours, nature hikes and mountain bikes. Enjoying the 19th century? After lunch, hit Cala Tuent. A 200m banana of sand is solely accessible by kayak or SUP. 5G signals and asphalt roads are miles away.

Cap Formentor


Today you’ll be in awe of Cap Formentor. This UNESCO-protected peninsula punches into the Mediterranean in a succession of chasming cliffs. Swim inside a cave. Rock climb above the ocean. Snorkel with scorpionfish and rainbow wrasse where fishermen seldom sail. Cap Formentor’s biggest allure? Teeny-tiny beaches by the score, which can only be reached by mule track or boat.

Cala Blanca


Today your charter yacht will reposition to Western Menorca, home to the best of Menorca’s 75 sandy beaches. Cala Escorxada looks like the Seychelles. It’s only accessible by hiking path or kayak. Cala Macarella is like the Bahamas. A sandy seabed reflects your yacht’s shadow below. This beach’s little brother is Cala Macarelleta. Turquoise seas lap golden sands. Say no more.

Cova d’en Xoroi


Today is all about the beach. Pirate treasure hunts. Aquatic Olympics. Trampoline jumps into the sea. Condé Nast Traveller rates Cala Mitjaneta and Cala Trebalúger as Menorca's best. Both are virgin beaches, where footprints at dawn or dusk will be yours alone. Sundowner? Sail on to Cova d’en Xoroi. This sunset spot has cocktail bars built into cliffs and a disco that rocks until dawn.

Cala Barca


In the morning, wake up in Eastern Mallorca, where life’s a beach. Cala Barca means tranquil mornings, breezy lunches and firework sunsets. Think dawn yoga, windsurf afternoons and watermelon caipiroskas at dusk. Cala Barca has room for only a dozen bathers. We’ll make sure you’re one of them.

Cala Mondrago


Cala Mondrago means two things. Firstly, pure white beach of Polynesian allure. Secondly, a 766-hectare Natural Park that sits directly behind. Hike in for kingfishers, turtle doves and 70 bird species. Dive in for Gorgonia coral, grouper and barracuda. It’s Mallorca served raw. Dinner? Just like last night. Ceviche, sushi, steak: your chef, your choice.



You’re aboard one of the rare yachts granted access to Cabrera. They call it ‘the lost Balearic Island’. Your crew will ensure your day in Eden counts. Stroll a vast fragrant island, uninhabited but for 12 park rangers. Snorkel to 19 islets set within a 100km2 protected zone. Spot cetaceans with your yacht’s telescope: fin whales, Risso's dolphins, humpbacks. It’s nature, unrefined.



Disembark in Palma. Missing the beach already? We’ll escort you by SUV to Purobeach, a heaven-on-earth beach club that offers spa treatments in Balinese beds beside the sea. Mallorca Airport is seven minutes away.