Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun

What a picture! Amalfi tumbles into the Mediterranean like it’s drunk too much Prosecco. In fact the town retired 700 years ago, when the empire’s gold ducats were invested in bricks and mortar. Its whitewashed muddle of piazzas is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No architecture looks more ostentatious than Amalfi’s spellbinding Cathedral. Its alfresco cloisters make the most of a red hot microclimate. Palm trees shade frescoes from the 13th century. You can see history, while wearing Havaianas or strappy sandals.

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Your Guide to Amalfi

Gnocchi, Sunshine and Wine

Sunshine makes Amalfi tick. It fuels the grapes that cling to cliffs at Cantine Marisa Cuomo. A Y.CO Charter Specialist will arrange a tasting of their rare Vini Estremi ('Extreme Wines'). They are produced on impossible mountainsides at a few hundred bottles per year. Sun warms the ingredients for ndunderi gnocchi, an Amalfi recipe so good it's also recognised by UNESCO.

Emerald Grotto

Want to see the sun at work? Hike Amalfi’s Path of the Lemons. This topsy-turvy trail zigzags through scented citrus groves. Pick one for your G&T on deck your yacht. An Amalfi yacht charter packs a final sunny surprise. The Grotta dello Smeraldo is a sea cave fissured by sunlight, which reverberates in an emerald light show inside. 

Kaleidoscope Seas

Looking for a private archipelago more exclusive than Capri? Command your Y.CO captain to the Sirenuses. This trio of islands drips off the Amalfi Coast. At sunset they look like rubies fallen from a Boodles necklace. Gallo Lungo is shaped like a dolphin with a Spanish castle on top. La Rotonda is a circular pearl that serves as a startpoint for deep sea swimming races. Castelluccia is a scuba-friendly rock lost in kaleidoscope seas. Swim south and your next stop is Sicily. Access to this archipelago? You guessed it. Solely by boat.