Feast for the Senses

Feast for the Senses

Naples is for daredevils. Once the world’s greatest port, it’s now a sensory overload. Singing street vendors. Live seafood markets. Conversations yelled from balcony to balcony six storeys above. Y.CO will arrange an eBike tour through it all, which ends at a vineyard overlooking Europe’s most densely populated city. We’d let you join Neapolitans on a Vespa scooter. But your travel insurance - and our conscience - wouldn't allow it. 

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Your Guide to Naples

A Powerhouse of History

The city’s proverb is Vedi Napoli e poi Muori: ‘See Naples and Die’. No other city distils more culture per square kilometre. Roman temples. Spanish castles. A Greek street has served as Naples’ main thoroughfare for 2,000 years - it’s still lined with wineries, bakeries and cafés today. Hot furnace blasts from wood fired ovens remind you that Naples is the birthplace of pizza. But if you don’t like paper tablecloths, wine in jugs, or eating with your fingers, sail elsewhere.

Gastronomy. Ruins. Culture.

Naples isn’t a collection of sights. It’s a vital tapestry of outdoor eating, public arguments and lovers kissing in the street. Each church is a masterpiece. Each view over Capri and the Amalfi Coast from your charter yacht will steal your heart. Each dish is delicious (lasagna al ragù and spaghetti alle vongole were also invented in Italy’s gastronomic capital). You will find the National Archaeological Museum almost empty, despite it hosting some of the greatest Greco-Roman artifacts in the world. Neapolitans prefer their culture alfresco: by scootering to the incomparable ruins at Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae. Our Y.CO SUV is ready and waiting for you too.

Paddle And Discover More

The calmest introduction to the city on a Naples yacht charter? By kayak. Naples drips into the Mediterranean by way of rococo mansions and fishermen’s bars. Crew will lead you past Posillipo, the affluent suburb where Roman emperors kept villas. Then into the Marine Reserve of Gaiola, where mosaics can be snorkeled on the seabed. Paddle on to your Y.CO yacht for pizza night. Stream Neapolitan movie It Started in Naples on deck. The film’s storyline is as old as the city: a local beauty (Sophia Loren) steals a visitor's heart (Clark Gable) forevermore.