Film Set Fabulous

Film Set Fabulous

Procida is the most telegenic island in Italy. A rainbow muddle of cuboid houses tumbles into the marina. The Bay of Naples’ best-kept secret hosts superyachts alongside fishing boats. That’s because Procida is more authentically Italian than Ischia. More low-key than Capri. Neapolitan families sail in for gelato, passeggiata and frutti di mare. Tuck in.

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Your Guide to Procida

Your Own Dolce Vita

Procida’s 16km coast is the perfect place for hiking and biking. Beaches like Spiaggia della Chiaiolella offer swim-up access to your charter yacht. Bougainvillea backstreets make Instagram spots. The most atmospheric sight is Palazzo d'Avalos - a maximum security jail that closed in 1988. Naples’ toughest Camorra Mafia members were incarcerated inside this mini-Alcatraz. Yet, as our prison tour shows, the prisoners were allowed to tend their own vegetable gardens. This is Italy, after all.

Traditional Island Charm

Procida stole the hearts of Hollywood’s finest. Elizabeth Taylor romped around the island as Cleopatra in 1963. Procida’s pastel paintbox also welcomed Matt Damon and Jude Law in The Talented Mr Ripley. Both movies can be screened on your Y.CO yacht deck. Crew will create an outdoor popcorn party, with cinema screen, cushions, rugs and chilled Peroni beers.

Private Wilderness

This island has a final secret. It has a little sister, Vivara, connected to Procida by an ancient stone bridge. This islet is a State Nature Reserve where rabbits cavort in a Mediterranean wilderness unchanged since the Bronze Age. Vivara was off-limits until 2017. A Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange access for your charter party.