Adrenaline and Opulence 24/7

Adrenaline and Opulence 24/7

La Piazzetta sums up Capri. This café-strewn square is a 24/7 temple to laissez-faire. Think cappuccinos and sunglasses at dawn. Frozen daiquiris at dusk. Then a shimmy at Anima e Cuore - the world’s most carefree nightclub - until dawn again. The big news? Capri boasts a mere handful of hotels and moorings. From sunset to sunrise this island is reserved for the lucky few. When the sun shines, sail out to sea. Capri’s 17km coastline is a dazzling blue. Unnamed and uninhabited islets appear moored offshore. Swim or seascooter to one for the ultimate lunch on your Capri yacht charter: an insalata caprese of silky mozzarella, ruby tomatoes and green basil.

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Your Guide to Capri

The Jewel of the Amalfi Coast

Feeling the heat? Each Y.CO yacht has an armada of warm water toys. Capri fits the vibe of trampolines, aquatic Olympic inflatables and waterslides. Divers on board? Set your yacht’s dynamic positioning to Punta Carena lighthouse. A current sweeps in thousands of striped anthia fish, which swim against a yellow curtain of gorgonian fans.

No Land in Sight

Or try Anacapri. This village anchors the cooler, calmer side of Capri. Views are 100% Mediterranean with no land in sight. The best bit? The should-be-in-Switzerland chairlift that whisks you 589m up Mount Solaro. Daredevils may scour the secret mule trail which leads back to La Piazzetta. Need a cab instead? Every taxi on Capri is a cabriolet. A fact that sums up the island’s sunny charm.

Grotta Azzurra

Roman Emperor Tiberius got the memo. Two millennia ago he ruled Rome from his Capri villa. (That’s the equivalent of Napoleon ruling the French Empire from a beach club in Cannes.) A Y.CO history guide will bring Tiberius’s Villa Jovis - and its allegedly debauched parties - to life. Tiberius also founded the world’s coolest swim club. The Grotta Azzurra is a spell-binding sea cave. Here a 150m-deep cavity lets sunlight bubble up from below. It’s like you are swimming through the Northern Lights. From 5pm tourist boats are prohibited from entering. If you’ve brought your own Y.CO yacht, you’ll have heaven to yourself.