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Why Choose Dubois Yachts

Pedigree Projects

Why Choose Dubois Yachts Design

Legacy of Excellence

Dubois Yachts was founded in 1977 by the late Ed Dubois, a passionate competitive sailor. initially designing successful grand prix racing yachts including 1979 Admiral’s Cup winner, 42ft Police Car. Entering the world of superyachts in the 1980’s with 37m sloop Acquel II, one of the first ever private vessels in her size range, designed purely for cruising pleasure.

Why Choose Dubois Yachts Design

Setting Sail into the Future

Today, Dubois Yachts has designed 100+ custom and production sailing superyachts, each known for performance, seaworthiness and sailing prowess. The studio’s designs capitalise on the latest in innovative sailing technology to enhance performance, from lifting keels that don’t compromise on strength, and carbon fibre masts and rigging. True to its sailing roots, The Dubois Cup sees classic sailing yachts by the studio compete every two years. The yard has produced some of the world's most awarded and well-known yachts. Dubois Naval Architects yachts for sale include the iconic Feadship yacht KISS and Warren Yachts Silver Dream.