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Distinctive Italian style

Italian Style


Why choose Nuvolari Lenard Design

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Why Choose Nuvolari Lenard Design

Crafting Iconic Italian Yacht Designs

Inseparable, the naval engineer and architect Carlo Nuvolari and designer Dan Lenard founded their small creation studio near Venice, in 1990. Nuvolari Lenard has since grown to become the most active Yacht design firm in Italy and among the largest in the world, and is well known for its distinctive Italian style.

Why Choose Nuvolari Lenard Design

Elevating Yacht Design

Nuvolari Lenard design performs concept designs, naval architecture and exterior styling, meticulously following each one of their projects from the beginning to its delivery.

Their state-of-the art studio comprises a sale yacht model workshop as well as an interior showroom, allowing their clients to visualize the shapes and textures before the final design is built.