Remi Tessier

Timeless Elegance and Sophisticated Style

The Art of Style


Renowned Yacht Designer

Why Choose Remi Tessier

Why Choose Remi Terrier Design

Mastering Craftsmanship and Design

Originally training for seven years as a cabinetmaker with Les Compagnons du Devoir, Remi developed an infatuation with materials and fell in love with the art of design. Although self-taught, he has won several prestigious international awards since opening his studio in 1988, and has worked on a number of iconic yachts, notably Squall, Parsifal II, Nahlin, Air, and Grace E (now Nautilus).

Why Choose Remi Tessier Design

Timeless Design Philosophy

Remi Tessier’s approach to design is founded in simplicity, where form follows function.  While each interior project is client-tailored and bespoke, each one shares his signature timeless sophisticated design philosophy.