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Why Choose Philip Briand Design

Master of Elegant Sailing

In 1978 he established his own company, and went on to become well known for his elegant and efficient sailing yacht styling, even designing the vessels for the French and Swiss America's Cup teams. Phillippe has more recently launched into motoryacht design with the Vitruvius range, which pushed the frontiers of yacht design with its function-led approach.

Why Choose Philippe Briand Design

From Dinghy Sailor to Yacht Design Maestro

Born in La Rochelle, France, Philippe’s design career started when he was 18. An accomplished dinghy sailor, he joined the Swedish designer Pelle Petterson as an apprentice who gave him invaluable experience in the design of America's Cup vessels and series-production sailing yachts; introducing him to the world of advanced hydrodynamics, tank testing of hulls, computer-aided design and production engineering.