Luxury Vacations. For Two Millennia.

Luxury Vacations. For Two Millennia.

Ventotene is an island most Italians don’t know exists. It’s marooned in cobalt seas, out of sight of the mainland. This 3km squiggle pairs volcanic black sand beaches, like Cala Nave, with aquamarine shallows. Plus sea cliffs, at Punta Eolo, where the only thing on the horizon is your waiting charter yacht. Hold your breath and dive into your Ventotene yacht charter. 

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Your Guide to Ventotene

Now As Then - Unaltered

No wonder Roman Emperors used Ventotene as a holiday island. Access to sun, fun and serious seafood requires a private boat. The Romans constructed the quay, where bar staff now mix Aperol spritz on outdoor tables. They built mansions like Villa Giulia, with mosaics, marbles and wine cellars to rival those on your Y.CO yacht. As in Roman times, Ventotene isn’t polluted by cars or modern amenities. In fact the island’s census population (768) hasn’t grown in 2,000 years.

Unique Flora And Fauna

In 1999 Ventotene was certified as a nature and marine reserve. That means that not a house has been built, nor a fish has been speared, for over 20 years. Swim with sea life entirely unafraid of humans. Or a Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange a scuba trip to a two-millennia-old Roman galleys - it sunk carrying amphorae and precious metals. Ornithologist? You’ll be on cloud cuckoo. Ventotene is a key bird migration spot where hoopoes, bee-eaters and golden oriole call in by the thousand.

Uninhabited Island

Too lively? Our Y.CO Charter Specialists have one last secret. Santo Stefano Island was a former high security prison. Located a 2km RIB ride from Ventotene - or epic kayak or kitesurf away - the island has been uninhabited since 1965. It makes for a spooky history tour. Or an even better, deep ocean dive with giant grouper and Mediterranean squid.