History’s real Game of Thrones.

History Comes Alive

Croatia’s second city is lined with marble. That’s because Split is an actual palace. Roman Emperor Diocletian built his retirement compound right here. Diocletian’s basement now hosts cafés, boutiques and art galleries. His throne room is where Daenerys Targaryen keeps her dragons in Game of Thrones. It’s your one chance to stroll a living, breathing, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Gourmet Cuisine

The offshore island of Solta offers an antidote to Split’s sun-kissed sass. Its 60km coastline is a blue-green mosaic of bays, beaches, cliffs and creeks. Solta’s 2,000 inhabitants raise a gourmet range of ingredients: grapes, olives, figs, citrus and plums. Such flavours are paired with harbour fresh sardines in the island’s seaside bars.

Between Fantasy And Reality

Emperor Diocletian’s private army was housed in Split’s marketplace. Now a daily cornucopia of 200 stalls - think watermelons, walnuts, carob pods, cactus flowers and legs of Prosciutto - serve residents and superyacht chefs alike. Fresh fish arrives at the Riva seaside promenade each morning. By night this boardwalk is Croatia at its most cosmopolitan: rococo mansions, uplit palms and yacht tenders buzzing in guests.

Rivers. Bays. Beaches.

For daredevils it’s time to split. Guests will be escorted above the timeless city to six precipitous ziplines. One line is lashed to a 90m-high suspension bridge. Need more white knuckle action? We'll move on to the Cetina River, which cascades from 385m above sea level down to the Adriatic. The canoe descent mixes foaming rapids with gentle floats through limestone creeks. Still buzzing? We'll tire you out with river swimming, rock climbing and canyoning.