History, mystery and private island escapes

Brighten Pula

Pula was built on indulgence. The Romans created the 20,000 seat amphitheatre as a venue to scrap, shout and sink wine. Croatia’s best preserved ancient monument now hosts sing-out-loud alfresco shows. Jamiroquai and Manu Chao recently rocked the house. Pack a pair of shades for your visit. Pula sits on the sun-kissed southern tip of Istria, and soaks up 2,300 sunshine hours per year.

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Your Guide to Pula

Croatia's St Tropez

The Brijuni Islands are the best reason to cruise to Pula. Curiously, this 14-island archipelago passed from a Venetian count to an Austrian businessman to a Yugoslavian president. The result? The Brijuni Islands seas have been protected for seven centuries. Lobsters say hi to snorkelers. Paddleboarders have dolphins for friends.

Rome On Sea

Venetians imported epicureanism to Pula in 1331. Gelato and grappa may still be ordered in Italian today. Pula’s fish market is a sushi lover’s dream. Red shrimp and Adriatic tuna can be sliced into sashimi by your chef - or diced into ceviche if you prefer. Don’t forget black truffles from the Istrian hinterland. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist can even organise a truffle foraging tour.

Clear Waters And Pine Groves

You’ll need a yacht to explore Pula’s offshore islands. Imagine a fractal explosion of forested green specks. Ceja has one jetty, one beach and one restaurant serving grilled squid. Porer has one lighthouse and a lone lighthouse keeper, who pairs line-caught sea bass with starry nights. Fenera is a nature reserve island with 1,000 starfish and a census population of zero. Other islands are so teeny-tiny you could plant your flag and call yourself king or queen. After a bottle of slivovitz plum brandy, it has been known to happen.